about the mildmay community centre

Serving our community since 1974.

In the 1970s, residents Ron Lang and Vince Camilleri fought to keep The Mildmay (or The Mayville Community Centre, as we were then known) open for local children, young people and families to come together.

We’re proud to continue this work by providing a Foodbank and Community Kitchen, services for Families and Young People, a Community Garden, and Arts events.

The Mildmay Community Centre is here for you. If you need a service we don’t yet provide, send us an email using the form below.

Take a look inside the centre


Meet the team

Teena Phillips, Centre Manager sitting outside in the garden. She is smiling at the camera.

Dear Neighbours,

My name is Teena, and I am the manager of Mildmay Community Partnership. I’ve been working at Mildmay Community Centre for almost thirteen years.

I’m proud to run this community-led facility for and on behalf of our communities within the Mildmay Ward of Islington. 

At Mildmay Community Centre I want to create conditions for all local residents to thrive. This is a place where we can all belong. A welcoming, safe, community space for the benefit of local residents of all ages to meet, work, play and learn.

Hope to see you at the Mildmay soon!

Teena Phillips,

Centre Manager


An image of Alison Hull, smiling.



Hi, I’m Alison, the administrator at Mildmay. I am new and work behind the scenes supporting Teena and the team, as well as liaising with our local community.

Email Alison: 


An image of Sam Parrington, Community Organiser, smiling at the camera


community organiser

Hi, I’m Sam and I work with community members to make community-led ideas and projects happen. I want to hear from you if you have any ideas on how we can use our space and resources to build connections and collective power.

Email Sam: 


An image of Rhy, Families and Young People Community Organiser


Families and Youth

Hi, I’m Rhy and I’m putting together Mildmay Community Centre’s services to support Families and Young People. We have a variety of ways to support you and your children from parents’ groups to telephone befriending.

Email Rhy: Rhy4familysupportandyoungpeople@mildmaycp.org.uk 

Lorraine, the Foodbank and Community Kitchen Community Organiser at Mildmay Community Centre


Foodbank & community Kitchen

Hi, I’m Lorraine and I run Mildmay Community Centre’s Foodbank and Community Kitchen. We support families in our neighbourhood each week with free hot food and packages of food and other necessary supplies.

Email Lorraine: LorraineFood4communities@mildmaycp.org.uk 

Kirsty, the Arts Community Organiser at Mildmay Community Centre



Hi, I’m Kirsty and I run Mildmay Community Centre’s arts outreach programme. From art classes for kids to coffee crafternoons for older people, I’m here to help our residents get creative.

Email Kirsty: 


Dom, the Garden Community Organiser at Mildmay Community Centre



Hi, I’m Dom. I used to be a chef and have always had a passion for food. I’m now working on Mildmay Community Centre’s Community Garden, where we will grow organic produce for our foodbank parcels. See you in the garden.

Email Dom: 


Wanna volunteer with the team?