the Mildmay community garden

Come and learn how to grow fruit and veg in your community.

Connect with your neighbours.

make positive change in your environment.

what we do in the garden

volunteer sessions

Come along and help out with our first project. We are setting up a growing space in the garden that will supply our foodbank with fresh, essential organic produce and would love your help!

gardening workshops

Our long-term aim is to offer you the workshops and classes that will allow you to start growing your own food in the community. Our sessions will be informed by your feedback so that we can help you develop the tips, tricks and skills you need to get growing.

school workshops

We want to inspire the next generation of food growers. Please book a visit to the garden for your school, or invite us to come to you. We can help you set up a growing space and run small workshops about where food comes from.

say hello to our volunteers

Dom, the Garden Community Organiser at Mildmay Community Centre


garden coordinator

My name is Dom. I’m organising a food growing project at the centre which will supply organic produce for our foodbank parcels and our community kitchen.

Our aim is to create a place to learn about urban agriculture so that we can lead food growing projects for ourselves and each other in our community.

We believe that the garden can be a place for building community and that growing food locally can have a positive impact in our neighbourhood. 

Whatever your level of experience I look forward to hearing from you and getting you involved.

You can contact me using the form on this page.


Get in touch, get involved